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2009 Samoan Tournament Winner
A stripey I tagged off Cape Runaway on April 5 2008 recaptured on Nov 15 out of Queensland! Caught 350 nm east of Brisbane and measured 198cm. About 90kgs. Tag attached for 224 days and fish recaptured 1105 nm north west from where tagged.
Largest Blue Nats 07 Ian Philpott Bushwacka
Kevin Winters on Caroline
NZ Record when caught
A great day on Runaway Kat
The Boss
Pin Fish Blue for waihau Bay 06-01-2010 228.8Kg on Ranas Legacy by Denise McKavanagh
Came onboard during the nationals
Samoa June 2010 Andrew's 59kg Y/fin
B-Caus Samoa 2010
Samoa 2010 Karens spearfish releasing itself
Another shot of Karens Spearfish
Samoa 2010 Karens yellowfin also releasing itself
Wahoo Samoa 2010
Dropping coconuts in the blowholes at Savaii
Big D's Blue Samoa 2010
Andrew Y/Fin Samoa 2010
Leon Simpsons pending junior record (Samoa) 202kg blue
4 Tags in one day
Christine's 184 Blue Samoa 2010
Another for Christine Samoa 2010
Ians Blue 200ish Samoa 2010
Ian's Sail Samoa 2010
Rachel and Spearfish Samoa 2010
Rachel's Sail Samoa 2010
Rachel's Spearfish Samoa 2010
Christine A/Samoa 2010 largest Blue ever in pago Tournament. Qualifying entry for Cabo 2011 premiere international game fishing tournament of the world
Barb Samoa 2010
Tania Randrup on Swy n mor 5.46kg 1st Mahi Mahi for the 10-11 season Waihau Bay
41kg Bigeye tuna on Detour
1st Blue (Bill less)landed at Waihau 15-01-2011 by Nathan O'Neil on Oeanside II
First Blue for Floppy's new boat
This was the winner of the Whangamata Gamefishing Classic in feb 2010 and was caught North East of the Aldermans on a T6 Mouve Baitfish. (Blue 214.6kg, Angler Barry Roberts, Boat Miss Trev
Fish was released off Cape Runaway a couple of weeks ago also on the T6 Mouve Baitfish. (Blue est 110-120kg, Angler Darryl Russell, Boat Dylanika)
2 in one day
2 in one day #2
Both together
Ahappy lad on lattitude
First Marlin
Rana's Legacy
1st Marlin of the 2013 Season for Raglan
1st Fish on the new T9 Gadiator Soft Head
Some of the action at Raglan Feb 2013 on Lattitude
Some of the action at Raglan Feb 2013 on Lattitude
Some of the action at Raglan Feb 2013 on Lattitude
Some of the action at Raglan Feb 2013 on Lattitude
Some of the action at Raglan Feb 2013 on Lattitude
Jason Parkinson Largest Blue for NZ 11-02-2012 on Rana's Legacy
Jason Parkinson Largest Blue for NZ 2012 at the smokers.
Ross Hickford Stripey caught on Monique 03-03-13 in 48mtrs off Opotiki after having lure in water for 10 minutes.
Another catch for the Lattitude Team.
29-03-2013 By Maurice Ngaia on Lattitude
24-03-13 By John Devlin on Latitude
st for Raglan 2014 Brent with a 104.6Kg