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What is the best lure shape and tackle to use?

Trolling for trophy fish in deep water can provide some of the most exciting angling experiences on earth. With the right conditions, waters and know how, you can settle in for a wild fight with massive tuna and mahi-mahi, swordfish, short bill spearfish and even a big shark. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, your party might hit into a marlin, an unforgettable adventure. Catching any of these fish depends on the quality of your offshore rigging, lures and the sharpness of your hooks.

Use a Lure that works for that area and has a great reputation. Yes nearly every lure may catch a fish. There are better choices to be made for your lure pattern including colour and action of lure.

You cannot go past colours in your pattern such as

1.      Blue/Black/Silver, matching a bait fish

2.      Purple, Skipjack colours

3.      Lumo

4.      Brown and silver, Baitfish 

 Then consider the action of your lures

 1.      Cup faced lure tend to be pusher type easy to set up and give a constant bubble trail

2.      Kona Lures are more erratic; to say the least they are unpredictable. They at one stage donít dive as frequently others and can skid on the top or dive for ages. This is dependant on the sea and their placement in the pattern. (I have witnessed a very successful skipper travel at 10 plus knots with the lures skipping on top of the surface and catch some very meritorious catches)

3.      Slant face tend dive, waggle then run out of bubble trail before surfacing.

Each lure has its merits and dependant on the fisherman each will have plus and minus qualities

Good hooks and quality lures are inexpensive, when compared with the cost of fueling or chartering an offshore boat, plus the expense of rods, reels, tackle and bait. Buy the best saltwater lures, hooks and terminal tackle you can afford. Use them for rigging your lures. Carry a sharpening stone to add an edge to your hooks before any lure goes in the water. Game fish have tough, leathery mouths and Bills that can easily spit or shake off a dull hook. Troll at 7 Ĺ to 9 knots for best results. This range approximates the speed of baitfish.