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TROPHY LURES originated in Te Kaha around approx 2000, created by the local Policeman  a fanatically obsessive game fisherman. He had a burning desire to further refine a range of lures that already had a proven track record. So, after countless pots of resin, hours of turmoil and single-handedly keeping the New Zealand fuel companies afloat by burning more than his share of fossil fuel, a new set of patterns were developed.  Unfortunately he and his family were soon to move away from the coast to pursue his career.

 It was agreed that the lure business should stay on the coast, so the decision to purchase the operation was made by the AUBERTIN'S. The business, to this day, is owned and operated by Derek, his wife Karen and son Logan. TROPHY LURES moved 40km further up the coast to the game fishing Mecca of Waihau Bay. TROPHY LURES NZ LTD was formed and production began.

The retailer links became the next priority and our lures spread throughout New Zealand, the Pacific and the rest of the world. Catch rates rapidly started to climb. This is evident with the number of winning fish caught during the NZ Game Fishing Nationals and other Competitions caught on TROPHY LURES.

With our range of "Trawlite" skirts which were originally fitted to "Sea Tal" Lures rapidly dwindling the next phase began. Floyd who remains our technical consultant along with a medical friend and Derek, work began on a solution. Countless trials and again keeping BP afloat a production base was formed for "TROPHY BUBBLE STRAND SKIRTS" which are now available for you to catch your dream fish.

Why "TROPHY SKIRTS"? They are responsible for catching magnificent game fish in Waihau Bay, throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. Results speak for themselves.

Not to be detracted from the rest of the range. We produce a set of Proven and Perfected heads. These are skirted with conventional Yo Zuri octopus and trolling skirts along with other proven styles.

Lures designed to catch fish not fisherman. You will never be disappointed.

Tight lines!

The Aubertins
Trophy Lures NZ LTD